Welcome to Mountain View Therapy

Located in Massachusetts, Mountain View Therapy is a counseling practice based on the principles of Narrative Therapy. We believe that meaning-making through stories shapes lives, relationships, and communities. Our practice hopes to use this knowledge to help the people we serve to discover the stories that support their preferred lives. 

Mountain View Therapy is a home for therapists to learn to practice Narrative Therapy. We believe that therapists do their best work when they are in a supportive connection with other practitioners, have an organizing framework (for us, that's Narrative Therapy!), and aren't held to rigid session quotas. 

We are creating a space for therapists to focus on helping the people we serve to connect with their preferred lives.

We strive to create a safe and affirming space for the people we serve.

As a practice, we make intentional efforts to be affirming of marginalized identities, specifically those in the LGBTQ+ community.  As Narrative therapists, we recognize the profound impact of discourses and societal narratives on individuals' identities. We understand that dominant stories often contribute to the marginalization, invalidation, and erasure of LGBTQ+ experiences. In our therapeutic approach, we aim to deconstruct and challenge these stories, helping the people we serve externalize the negative messages they may have internalized about their identities. By examining how society influences and shapes a person's sense of self, we empower the people we serve to reclaim their agency and imagine their preferred ways of living. Our practice values the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and supports them in navigating the complexities of their identities, fostering self-acceptance, and promoting a sense of pride and empowerment.

Mountain View Therapy Statement on Social Justice

We stand against the ongoing brutality in this country toward Black persons and other people who are not clearly white, rich, male, straight, cis-gender, and well-connected. We stand against institutional racism and its tolerance and encouragement of violence toward anyone deemed as other.

Our work as therapists positions us to witness a close-up of the effects of systemic racism. We see how societal problems are so often the cause of personal suffering. We know these systems often rob the people we serve of education, family wealth, access to jobs, dignity, safety, and security. This makes room for problems in people’s lives, like “depression” and “anxiety." We stand against the popular discourse/stories in our society and understand they encourage us to understand problems as located in the individual, a personal deficit, or failing. 

As Narrative Therapists, we believe that therapy is social action. A large piece of narrative practice is investigating the effects of these dominant discourses on a person's life. We hope to shine a light on these dominant stories and give people the agency to choose how they want to be in relation to them.

We believe it is of the highest importance to recognize the power differential inherent in the therapeutic relationship. Therapists are positioned to push discourses and influence meaning-making. We are committed to working to counter the ways therapist voices are traditionally prioritized by centering the people we serve as experts in their own lives. We recognize that who we are (white, cis-female, middle class…) comes into our therapeutic conversations. It is our responsibility to recognize and be transparent when our bias comes into our work. 

Providing services for individuals, partners, and families

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are currently only providing virtual services.

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