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If you are located in Massachusetts, and looking for someone to talk to about the ways problems are effecting your life and your vision for something different please click the button below

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Please note that we do not currently have a physical location so all sessions are done virtually.

What comes next?

Cancellation Policy

Mountain View Therapy has a 48 hr cancellation policy. When you schedule an appointment with us we are reserving that time for you. Cancelling without notice takes away our ability to make use of that time to serve other people.  If you do not cancel your appointment without 48hrs notice you will be charged a $85 "no show" fee. Some rare exceptions will be made for emergency cases. 


We accept the following insurance:

We have a sliding scale of $85-$250 for people who self-pay to be paid using our online payment system.

If you have out-of-network coverage we may be able to provide you with a "super bill" for your insurance company.