Mountain View Therapy Services

We believe there are many paths to helping the people we work with change their relationship with Problems. We recognize that Problems are as diverse as humans and often don't fit the "mental health" framework offered by our culture. We provide a range of services to meet the diverse nature of problems.

Mental Health Therapy

Conversations about Problems or Issues that fit into the mental health framework, deemed "medically necessary" by insurance companies.

Individual Therapy

Therapist and individual are in conversation to help develop a rich understanding of Problems and their effects in the individual's life. As a team they will discover and explore moments that have stood outside Problem's influence. The hope is to use that information to create a world less influenced by Problems and more in line with what is important to the individual.

Relationship Therapy

Sometimes Problems stand between us and the people we care about most. In couples therapy conversations around building a shared understanding about Problems and their effects on each member of the couple, as well as the couple as a whole. The hope is to work together to create a "team" that can use strategies to counter the effects of problems.

Family Therapy

In Family Therapy the therapist and family work together to build a shared understanding of the ways Problems effect the whole family. The therapist and family work as a team to develop a family culture that does not support Problems.

Consulting Services

Conversations about Problems and Issues that don't necessarily fit into a mental health framework.

Narrative Consulting

Narrative consulting offers a place to think through Problems and Issues that are outside the context of "mental health".

Narrative Clinical Supervison

We offer Narrative based supervision for clinicians who are working towards their independent license or experienced therapist who want to stay connected to Narrative ideas. We also run a biweekly Narrative supervision group.

Values Driven Parenting Program

Coming Soon!

We are developing a parenting support program that uses Narrative ideas as a foundation to approach parenting. This program will be a combination of one to one and group support. Interested in learning more? Email: